I am an artist working on themes of health and disease and visualising illness. I am fascinated by the implications of medical imaging and what it means to recognise your body from the inside out, leading me to explore how people imagine their bodies internally, sometimes at the microscopic level, and how that influences a sense of embodiment and identity.  I work in glass, metal and a variety of other materials, primarily making sculptural objects. I believe that engaging with physical objects facilitates radically different ideas and conversations to solely viewing images, whether analogue or digital.

Visibility, invisibility, tactility and texture are central themes of my work. I explore tensions and contrasts that fascinate me: how the organic and the mechanistic coexist, how visible and translucent surfaces hide or reveal what is inside. Glass is a particularly good medium for this; forms can be viewed from inside as well as out with surfaces that reflect light, transmit it or stop it dead.

I hope this blog will record lots of interesting explorations of the themes above, capturing thought processes and details that otherwise might get lost when i have finished working on projects to develop new artwork.

If you want to see more of my artwork please do visit www.julielight.co.uk or follow me on instagram @julielightglass.